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Some say the most beautiful women come from this place!  I have been visiting Colombia for the past 12 years...... They are fantastic!

Meet great people and have a great time!

Colombians are smart, intellectual and sophisticated.....But also warm and happy.

Bogota is a little off the beated path, contrary to the bad reputation it has received in the past, you will feel safe and happy soon after you arrive. Fortunately, it makes it great for tourists like you!

Tours in Bogota Colombia, provides you with the best that Bogota has to offer.
The city of Bogota is 3-1/2 hours from Miami.  Bogota sits on a plateau surrounded by spectacular mountains.  Its climate is exceptionally desirable for most people.  Even though it is close to the Equator, people would think it is hot, but Bogota is at an altitude of 8600 feet from sea level which makes the city with a very pleasant climate, especially during the summer months when in the states it's very hot.  Bogota temperature varies  from a daytime of 64 F to about 48 F in the middle of the night. Bogota was founded by Spaniard Conqueror Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada in 1538, making Bogota one of the oldest cities in America.  It's often called the "Athens of South America" due to the cultural environment, birthplace of several poets and literates, its many universities and libraries.It is a city with a rich and tragic history that can be enjoyed today by everybody..

All inclusive  - Air - Hotel - Transportation - Personal Guide - except dinner and drinks